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In her wisdom - following an EU directive - the Dutch government decided that from Jan. 1st 2005 all light trailers (<751 kg) must have a rear fog light. She also decided that because of bad PR, no tickets will be issued until June 2006, but we will eventually have to deal with it anyway, so I choose to do it now.

On the left, the trailer without fog light.

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As you can see, it is a narrow cart, 85 cm wide. Not much space left for extras. I didn't want to mount the fog light on the green back panel as it is removable and I did not want to impair the loading capabilities. So the only place left was below the license plate. Regulations prescribe the fog light must be in- or to the left of the middle of the vehicle, not less than 10 cm from the brake light, not lower than 25 cm above the road, and not higher than one metre above the road. So below the plate is all right.

It meant I had to make a protective bracket or else the light would break if the cart accidentally tilts over backwards. So a bit of welding was needed.

This is the result:

The fog light is burning!

April 12, 2005

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